Past puppy pictures

Thank You very much to all the families that have sent updated pictures and kept in touch with us!

Hi just wanted to send you a picture of Nova at 12 weeks. She is a an awesome dog with a great personality!

Thanks again, Joe C (Mini Labradoodle)

Hi Liz-
Just wanted to wish you a happy holidays and thank you again for giving us this happy fun loving full of kisses doodle! Pippa is one of the happiest and smartest dogs I've ever known!! She's brought so much joy to Ben and I and we are excited to share her first Christmas !!!
-Vanessa & Ben

Hi Liz- I just wanted to update you on Dolly. She's now one years old and full of energy. She is doing wonderful and is now almost 40lbs. She continues to be the perfect combination of playful and loving. She is great with kids and other dogs. When she sees new people she become very excited. She couldn't be more perfect for our family. Thank you for such a great puppy!!!

Wanted to share some photos of Blue with you...we are completely smitten with him and can't imagine our family without him.  He is sweet and loving, and such a wonderful family dog. 
He is right around 5 months and is 25 lbs. and still has his apricot color...has faded a little, but not too much.  He really is a great combination of gentle and mellow, mixed with playful and energetic all at the same time. He's great with children and also great with other dogs. 
I am in love :)))))
Hope you and your family are well!!

Just thought I'd send you a new picture of Koda!!! He is an amazing pup!! Thanks again!!

Ruby is great!  Getting big and doing so well! Love her to death!

Hi Liz, Max got his diploma from " puppy kindergarten". We were so proud. The last class was an obstacle course- he was the star . He loved it. Joan

I wanted to share a few pictures of Rigby and let you know how well he’s doing! He’s such a doll and has made us just so happy :) Thanks! Christine Derek & Rigby  

Hi Liz,Just wanted to let you know our puppy is doing well. We named her Sunny. We have had quite a few friends and family over to see her and she is friendly with everyone. She has already figured out how to climb stairs and she is learning basic commands already - sit and off (the couch). House training is going well too. Other than a few accidents, which is to be expected, she has done well outside. I've had to get up a couple of times each night to take her out, but she is sleeping better every night. We are having a lot of fun with her.  I'll try to update you on her progress every so often. We had Sunny out snowshoeing with us last week. She did great. She is such a great dog. We are so happy to have her. I included a picture.Thanks for everything, Joe

Hi Liz!  Here's an updated picture of our little girl. We love her and she is fitting in quite nicely with us!  The kids keep her busy!  Hope all is well. Thanks again! Melanie

Oscar met with a trainer this week. He was floored that he does sit, stay, and down on command at twelve weeks! He has also been accident free for two weeks! He's such a smart, loving puppy. Glad the first month is behind us. We are ready for spring with our pup! If only we could curtail the chewing....

Rocky and Goldie gave us one heck of a great puppy!  He's one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen, he's (mostly!) well-behaved, very smart, and very loving.  He gets compliments all the time and makes people smile just by passing them on the street.So thanks again! Brian & Laura

Hello Liz, I have been meaning to send photos for a week. We are so pleased to have Sadie in our family. She is friendly, happy, curious and smart. She is doing well with potty and crate training. Thank you and your dog family for raising her. Best Regards, Tammy, Simone and Aaron

"Great parents made a great puppy. Skipper is doing very well.  Our oldest daughter lives 45 minutes away. She has 3 kids (12,9,and 5 years old) and 2 German Short Hair retrievers. Skipper fit right in. In the meantime, let me thank you for doing such a great job socializing him at a young age. It was obvious from the moment we brought him home that he was comfortable with people and other dogs.
Bye for now.

Annie is now 17 pounds and very healthy! Her legs are getting longer every day and she is now starting to lose her puppy coat. She graduated from puppy kindergarten yesterday and did wonderfully! She also made lots of new puppy friends in the class =)

Hi Liz,I know it's been a while since you heard from us, but I'm sure you're aware that one year ago today Goldie had puppies--and, lucky us, we got one of them!The past ten months with Brimley have been incredible, and we feel so fortunate to have him in our lives.  So I wanted to drop you a note, since it is his birthday, to say thanks!Attached are a few pictures.  The first is a collage of his first 7 months or so, one is a few weeks ago (the close-up), and the last is our one-year-old today.  Please feel free to use these on your site if you want--we're very proud of our handsome guy.

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